How to book an appointment

We are open from Tuesday 13th April, you can now book appointments!

If you are looking to book an appointment to come and see us for any reason here is how you do it.

There are multiple ways you can get onto our booking system, you can either click on our banner on the home page, click on our menu and select book an appointment,use the search bar and type in appointment and click search or click here.

The next step is to select how long you want the appointment for either 30 minutes, 1 hour or 2 hours please see our table below for appointment guide times.

 Time Length of time
30 Minutes Small item purchases
1 Hour Arrow selection,stabiliser setup, changing compound strings
2 Hours Bow purchase


Then  fill in the box with a date and time of the appointment you would like and continue to follow the steps.


On this screen you will need to fill in your details and email or phone number and click continue to payment, don't worry you won't be charged for anything and you won't need to enter any card details.

On this screen all you need to do is click pay now, again no card details are taken and your appointment  is booked.