Axcel Achieve Carbon CXL Compound Sight 6" Extension (2017)

The hugely popular Achieve CXL Axcel tournament compound sight, but with an all new Carbon extension arm! The sight block and track are constructed of aircraft aluminium and the extension of Carbon.  A superior “Windage Dovetail Guide System”, replaces inferior twin-dowel guide systems. The all new "VTSL" (Variable Tension System with Lock), provides a new adjustment where the archer personally chooses a desired elevation travel tension setting and incorporates an added lock feature most commonly used in single distance tournaments. The specification of the sight are 6” horizontal extension with 3.5" vertical track (2.875” of elevation).

The Carbon CXL also includes:

-Design cut outs provides less wind deflection.

-Eye Appealing carbon woven material

-Vibration absorption

-Material Stiffness

-High strength to weight ratio

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