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Carter Honey Do


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The Carter Honey Do Release Aid is a safe and sweet release to master a hinge style back tension type of release aid. While creating the Honey Do, Carter utilised the tried and true features of many of their previous release aids and was still able to incorporate some revolutionary new technology that allows archers to have all the benefits of a hinge style back tension release with the safety and control of a trigger. The Honey Do is equipped with a positive safety engagement that allows the archer to draw or let down the bow without the fear of the release going off unexpectedly.

Once at full draw and in anchor all the archer needs to do is push the safety trigger forward which disengages the magnetic jaw lock. In doing so, it allows the sear to rotate around the moon and fires the shot. If at any stage of this process the archer needs to let down, just re-engage the safety by pulling the safety trigger back into the safe position and securely let the bow down.

The floating head hinge design of the Honey allows the archer to anchor with any hand position before releasing the safety and ensures repeatable shot execution with consistent alignment. There is also an easy speed adjustment allowing the archer to adjust precisely how fast or slow they want the release to fire after the safety has been disengaged.

Every Carter release has a CNC machined housing made from 6061 T6 aluminium.

It is vibratory deburred and anodised for a very attractive, yet durable finish.

The internal pieces of the release are CNC machined from 1018 cold roll steel. They are case hardened to 50 Rockwell C, electro nickel plated, then hardened a final time to reduce wear.

Each release is hand assembled and tested before it leaves the Carter factory.

Carter releases are used and endorsed by top tournament archers like Duncan Busby, Dejan Sitar, Christie Colin and Jamie Van Natta.

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