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Edge one Piece Bow Freddie Archery


The edge one piece recurve bow is a fantastic bow for any field archer, it is 60" in length ideal for navigating rough terrain and extremely light weight. The bow comes in 5lb increments it has a fantastic finish, the grip fits perfectly in my hand and it is currently the bow I am shooting the most.

  • Length: 60"

  • Brace Height: 6 3/4"- 7 3/4"

  • Woods: Dymond, White Oak, Hard Maple



How it feels to shoot (Staff member: Adam)

When this bow came into stock I was very excited as I have been looking for a nice field bow and I was not disappointed. This is currently the main bow I am shooting, it feels fantastic to shoot, and the limbs shut down very fast with virtually no hand shock what so ever. The grip for me personally is just a perfect fit in my hand, the bow is quick, silent, feels and looks fantastic. For the price I think it is one of the best value for money bows out there.


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