Ghost Deluxe Flatbow

The Ghost Deluxe reflex-deflex flatbow embodies everything expected out of a high end custom handcrafted traditional one-piece flatbow. Designed with any style of shooter in mind.

A combination of two natural hard woods, normally oak and walnut are used for the riser with a single curved accent line and limbs typically is soft Maple or Tulip woods layered with a core of walnut veneer, with the highest quality Bear paw black glass veneer.  Overall length of 68″ and covers the bases on anything from target to deep cover shooting.

How it feels to shoot (Staff member: Adam)

Having personally shot this bow I must say it is a pleasure to shoot, the way the grip is designed it feels fantastic to hold with an easy to replicate grip. The draw is silky smooth and after the release there is virtually no hand shock what so ever. This is all because the bow is designed by an archer who understands what we are all after. 


The delux design adds that something extra to the bow, with the highest grade materials used it makes the bow that much smoother and faster than it's cousin the classic.


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