Hoyt RX-4 Turbo Pro Compound In Stock

The Carbon RX-4 Turbo turns the Kinetic energy up to 11 without the the big kick associated with faster bows. It comes loaded with Hoyt's most advanced technologies , including Limb Shox, shock Pods, Stealthshot and the super charged ZT Turbo Pro Cams.

Hoyt Carbon Technology is the most advanced bow riser ever created. Hoyt carbon risers have more than 50 individual carbon components selected for specific properties that are hand laid into one single, incredibly rigid and lightweight bow riser. These components have been specifically engineered for optimized stiffness and vibration control - in other words, ultimate accuracy and deadly silence on the shot. 

ZT Pro Turbo Cam Technology; Hoyt's all-new ZT Pro (Zero-Torque) Turbo Cam creates a balanced side to side load with the patent pending split cable system, eliminating the need for a flexible cable guard. This reduces cable induced torque and lateral nock travel resulting in dead centre accuracy. The ZT Pro Turbo Cam is the fastest cam in Hoyt's entire product line. 

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