Hoyt RX-7 Ultra HBX Pro Compound In Stock

The all new Carbon RX-7 Ultra compound from Hoyt has arrived with a re-designed cam and riser. Main features include:

-HBX Pro Cam is an enhanced upgrade of its widely popular HBX predecessor. It has an improved vibration profile, is even smoother than Hoyt's past cam system, weight less, is easier to tune and creates a better centre shot and enhanced sight picture. This refined, smooth-shooting design comes with two different modules to maintain optimal performance no matter your draw length (bow is shipped with one module).

-Re-designed Carbon Riser, which is super strong and light, weighing in at only 4.3 pounds.

-Two Shock Pod Locations optimized shock pod locations absorb more riser vibration after the shot. 

- Vitalpoint Grip is a new grip angle which decreases negative input from your palm for better hold and accuracy. 

- In-line System including In-line picatinny sight rail, integrate rest mount and optimized quiver mount location. The Picatinny sight mount, exclusively to Hoyt, is even more stream lined. Instead of including the Picatinny attachment, Hoyt have machined the Pic Rail into the riser itself. The Picatinny Sight Mount keeps the weight of your sight off the side of your bow, putting it all in-line with the riser for better balance, less weight and greater stability.

The integrated rest mounting system is one our Hoyt's most tried and true in line features. The dovetail mount is machined into the bow, directly in line with the riser. This allows for a lighter weight rest that doesn't add extra bulk to the side of your bow and adds unmatched lock down strength and uncompromising performance. 

 -The Short Stop Stabilizer position. Hoyt have lowered the stabiliser location on the bow, this lowers the bow's centre of gravity. This creates a steadier, more effective hold without having to add beefy, heavy stabilisers that just add excess weight to your setup. With the attachment point further forward, the 2-inch short stabiliser in this location has the same effectiveness as a 6 inch stabiliser in the traditional mounting location. Hoyt's so confident in this system, they have included the stabilizer with each RX-7 and Ventum Pro bow!

- SL Sidebar Attachment position improves the effectiveness of a sidebar by lowering the mounting location, thus lowering the centre of gravity. The SL Sidebar Attachment is engineered to sit in line with the riser. Just like the rest of Hoyt's accessory systems. When paired with Hoyt's new SL Sidebar Mount you get less bulk, less weight, less obtrusion, more stabilisation and a more streamlined attachment system for you sidebar. 


- Axle to Axle: 34"

- Bow weight: 4.3lbs

- Draw length: 27-30", 30.5-32"

- Draw weight: 40, 50, 60, 65, 70, 80lbs

- Brace height: 7"

- ATA speed: 334fps

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