Hoyt HyperEdge

The Hyper Edge is building upon the success of its predecessor, the ProEdge, by introducing the all-new UltraFlex limbs, DFX Cams (with optional limb stop) and proven Zero Torque Cable Guard System.

These Hoyt technologies all fit together to bring the archer a high power, torque-free shooting experience with the stability of a broad string angle and a rock-solid back wall.

Other features include:

Shoot-Thru Technology riser.

Smooth, fast and powerful DFX Cam and 1/2 system.

Dual Cable Stops for a solid back wall.

Optional limb stop for a no-play back wall, for comfort and consistency.

Rotating cam modules for easy adjustment without module replacement or a bow press.

Multilayer laminate UltraFlex limbs.  

Synergy between DFX cams and UltraFlex limbs to increase axle to axle length at full draw, improving form, comfort and accuracy.  

Zero-tolerance limb pocket connection for precision and accuracy.  

Zero Torque Cable Guard system to eliminate torque for great alignment.  

Modular Grip System allows the archer to fine tune their grip pressure to their exact requirements.  


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Official Archery GB Partner

We are Proud Sponsor and Official Youth Tournament Partner of Archery GB. 

We look forward to working with Archery GB to help the sport grow and flourish.