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Hoyt Prodigy XT 25 Riser X5


The all new Hoyt Prodigy riser will be the most advanced recurve riser ever.

It is engineered and designed to be the most adjustable, tuneable, most dominating recurve riser in the history of archery.

Some of the new features include:

New Micro-Alignment Dowel System - Allows for micro fine tune adjustments to dial in limb alignment.

New Verta - Tune Cushion Plunger Technology - Each riser comes with 3 plates allowing for different vertical rest locations. One plate allows for the same rest location as the HPX/ION-X. The second plate allows for the same rest location as Formula RX (3mm lower than HPX/ION-X) and the third plate position is 3mm lower than the RX.

New Rear Stabilizer Mounting Hole - Provides additional stabilization location.

Tec platform for increased stability and rigidity.

New Colours - Great selection of new colours.

Shim-Centre Shot Adjustment - Allows for fine tuning of centre shot as with previous risers.

Length: 25".

Weight: 2.7lbs (1,224 grams).

Riser Style: Hoyt Flex-Tuned Deflex Geometry.

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