Hoyt Pro Force FX Compound In Stock

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At just under 36-inches axle-to-axle, and shooting arrows down range at a blistering 325 FPS, the all-new Pro Force is in a class of its own. Loaded with new such as the ZT Hyper Cam™, QuadFlex Limbs™, Bi-Ax Pocket System™, Offset Weight Distribution Technology™ and Rear Stabilizer Mounting System™, along with our TEC Shoot-Thru Technology and 4-Angle Modular Grip System™, the Pro Force will certainly force the odds in your favour on any target, 3D, or field archery range.


Axle to Axle: 32 3/4"

FPS (ATA): 332 FPS

Brace Height: 6"

Mass Weight: 4.6lbs

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