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Hoyt Target Ultra View Grip 10 Degree


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Compatible with modular gripped Hoyt target line products, i.e. Podium, Hyper Edge, Prevail and Pro Force.

  • Choose a kit with a 10º & 15º  in any of our 10 colors.
  • Comes with two 6-32 hex nuts for installation  
  • The idea of a higher grip angle is that it will relax your forearm muscles by  positioning your knuckles in front of your wrist joint. Give it a try and raise your bow hand and make a stop sign with relaxed fingers. You will feel a tension in your forearm. Now lower the angle of your palm, shifting your knuckles more forward and see how the tension in your forearm disappears. This translates to a softer more controlled aim.
  • All grips have a texture that is anti-slip even on the most rainy days.

Collections: Bow Grips, Ultraview

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