Pilla FX Mask Kit 1 (35DC & 60DC)

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The all new Mask system from Pilla, designed for archery so to have no frame or nose. This allows the archer to have a completely unobstructed visual sight and target reference, also the lens are feather light.  

Pilla worked with one of the best archers in the world, Erika Jones, to refine the concept and the Mask system has re-written the book on performance glass geometry.

The Mask system is secured using a suede lanyard which can be easily adjusted for pressure using a slide on the backside of the head. The need for tightening to secure the lens is minimal as the Pilla / Zeiss lens technology is so light in weight that it basically on the bridge of your noise with no pressure form the lanyard.

The visual picture is unmatched through the lens as there is no nose piece interrupting the archer’s vision. The lens is fitted with a Megol rubber sweat bar that promotes air flow from top to bottom as well as through the front of the sweat bar. There are also additional venting holes in the lens that are angled, pushing air down the backside of the lens. This design is to help reduce any fogging in high humity situations. This innovative sweat bar design acts like a frame and provides a very comfortable fixing point to the head.  

There a two sizes available, the Mask FX is for smaller, narrow petite faces or the Mask MX which is for medium to larger faces.

The 2 lens kit comes complete with 2 lenses, Suede Lanyard & 2 cloth glasses bags.


Pilla Glasses Advantages:  

Relaxes the eyes and face, stopping squinting.  

Two prong arm design give very little weight on bridge of nose.  

No need to take glasses on and off between ends as there is no problem with visual clearance between nose and sight pin.  

Mask lens covers whole of face and so no light enters in peripheral vision.  

Mask design also stops wind from drying eyes out and making them water at full draw.  

The lens isn’t really affected by rain sitting on it, still just as clear to see through.  

Rubber strip improves airing around the lens and prevents "steaming up". 

35DC (Dead Centre) Lens

-35% light transmittance

-Full sun to medium light conditions

-Suitable for nearly all outdoor competitions in the U.K. (maybe not as effective on really dull / over cloudy days).

-Chroma Shift Technology, designed to kill the red target element and enhance the gold centre of the target.

-This has the effect of improving aiming by removing distractions from other colours.

-Also calms the eyes and allows them to relax and focus on the gold of the target.

-Can be used indoors, dependant on how good the lighting is.

-Suitable for both compound and recurve.


60 DC (Dead Centre) Lens

-60% light transmittance

-Medium to low light intensity

-Chroma Shift Technology, designed to kill the red target element and enhance the gold centre of the target.

-Improves aiming by removing distractions from other target colours

-Also calms the eyes and allows them to relax and focus on the gold.

-Effective indoors as it improves lighting perception and enhances yellow.

-Effective in medium outdoor lighting i.e. cloudy or weak sun.


-Doesn’t remove enough light to be used in bright conditions.

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