Pilla Panther X7A Kit 2 (10ED & 76HC)

The Panther X6A and X7A have raised the level of comfort for mask frame technology.  The temples are fully adjustable and can be shaped to sculpt an archers head.  The temples can be manually adjusted by forming the temple tips to contour the head.

Pilla's Snap-tech lens changing system comes standard on the Panther X6A and X7A, making lens changing as easy as it gets.

The Panther X6A uses an oversized lens that allows for a completely unobstructed view across the nose bridge allowing for perfect sighting.

The Panther X7A uses a narrower lens profile to provide the archer a high performance cosmetic with serious functional appeal. The lens geometry provides a great wrap to eliminate stray light coming from extreme angles.  

The 2 lens kit comes complete with 2 lenses, carbon fibre arms, 2 cloth glasses bags and a protective case.  


Pilla Glasses Advantages:  

Relaxes the eyes and face, stopping squinting.  

Two prong arm design give very little weight on bridge of nose.  

No need to take glasses on and off between ends as there is no problem with visual clearance between nose and sight pin.  

Mask lens covers whole of face and so no light enters in peripheral vision.  

Mask design also stops wind from drying eyes out and making them water at full draw.  

The lens isn’t really affected by rain sitting on it, still just as clear to see through.  

Rubber strip improves airing around the lens and prevents "steaming up".

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