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Shibuya Ultima II Recurve Sight


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When Shibuya introduced the Ultima Recurve sight, we called it “the last sight you ever have to buy.” It has earned that title, more popular than ever after more than 10 years on the market.
However, the engineers at Shibuya have not been resting on their laurels. Based on the feedback of top shooters from all over the world, Shibuya has gone back to the drawing board on nearly every part of the ULTIMA RC sight, improving on the little details that make all the difference in a competitive situation.
The ULTIMA II RC retains all the best features of the ULTIMA RC, such as the patented X-Lock system, but offers some new and improved advantages.


  •  Weight reduction: Weighing in at only 204grams

  •  Pressure-insert drive shaft Dampening System: Vibration and sound  reduction

  •  Windage: Laser engraved sight scale



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