Shrewd 35mm Nomad Scope

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Totally CNC machined from 6061 aluminum.

Microsight pin, machined from 11L17steel for durability.

Machined to a small .012" throat for minimal target obstruction.

Large 3/8" diameter green level (spare bubble included).

Sight Pins and fibre available from .010" to .029".

A .015 Pin size comes included with the scope.

Sight pins may be shot in any of fourteen positions (eight on the back & six on the front), according to the shooter's preference.

Please note: Lens not included, price for housing only.

Scope lenses are available in 2X through to 8X sized to fit both housings and are glass lenses, ground in the USA, secured permanently in an aluminum housing to make removing and replacing your lens simple and accurate.

Front and back sunshades are available also.