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Spot Hogg Infinity Swap


The Infinity is the "Top of The Line" micro-adjustable arrow rest.

With its no clamping micro-adjustable windage and elevation, ease of use and precision adjustments, this rest is in a class all by itself.

The Infinity’s accuracy, durability, and dependability have made it the top choice for serious archers worldwide.  

Spring loaded launcher with adjustable tension.  

Multiple launcher options included.  

Vertical and Horizontal 'No-Clamp' micro-adjust.  

Includes 0.010" and 0.008" Blade Launchers.


The Swap body offers these advantages:

 -A great advantage is that you can use different arrows, I.e. Protours for Target archery and Lighspeed’s for 3D, out of the same bow.

 -The rest can be removed for safer travel and storage.

The option to experiment with different tuning options


-     - If you have both blades set up the same, if the blade you are using breaks suddenly, you can swap the next one in straight away, giving you peace of mind on tournament weekends.

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