TRU Ball Fulkrum Flex Quicksilver 3/4 Finger

A hinge/back tension shooters dream, with a nice weighted brass body, an enclosed smooth index finger knurled second and third finger, it will no doubt provide a great feel to shoot. The simple, smooth and crisp head, uses the new Lever Alignment System (LAS) technology. The LAS allows the archer to move the head of the release around the outside edge of the index finger, adjusting how the Fulcrum (pivot) point of the release works, in conjunction with the archer’s individual shooting style. The Fulkrum also allows archers who have sting or vane contact with their face to drastically reduce this. The Fulkrum comes with the standard click speed dial installed, with a faster and slower click involved. If you wish to shoot it without a click this can also be done by flipping the speed dial around 180 degrees.

For a matching Thumb activated trigger release, check out the Abyss by TRU Ball.


“I feel this is the ultimate back tension/hinge style release, I hope you enjoy it!” – Jesse Broadwater (Professional Archer)

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