Ultraview Funky Knob Kit

Ultraview - Funky Knob Kit, comes with all the attachments.  Fits Carter, Truball and Stan release aids.


Funky Helix


  • Features a ½” x ½” dished square that has been twisted to fit perfectly onto a thumb 
  • No longer need to rely on friction between your thumb and the thumb peg as it locks into your thumb pad and thumb joint 
  • By far one of the most comfortable thumb button geometries on the market, if you don’t believe us utilize our 14-day money back return policy to test yours out today - you must feel what it’s like.

Funky Knob.


  • Comes with ½” long 6-32 Socket screw and a 6-32 hex nut.
  • Will attach to common thumb buttons such as TRU Ball Abyss and Carter releases
  • The aggressive knurling assures a non-slip thumb to button interface 
  • The angle of the knurling is perpendicular to the thumbs movement during a shot which aids in adding an extra grip feel. 
  • Features a Diameter of ¾” with an off centered hole to allow rotated custom positions 
  • Made in USA

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