W&W WIAWIS Nano Carbon TFT Riser

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Win & Win has always given us top quality products and the WiaWis Nano TFT riser is no exception, with extensive testing win & Win has found that the most vibration caused from shooting occurs in the sight window. The vibration causes the riser to torque as well as the limbs and the TFT eliminates this with it's unique H-Beam frame build inside the riser.

Weighing in at 1280 Grams the riser feels fantastic to hold in the hand, with all of this technology coupled with the high level build quality that we have come to expect from Win & Win this is one of the best risers on the market.

Win & Win analysed the forces the bow experiences during the shot and added the H-Beam 'Torque Free System' to minimize torque at the moment of the shot.

The Torque Free System

  • Increases rigidity at the sight window. This reduces torque and vibration while also increasing stability during the shot.

  • Win & Win balanced the shock evenly over the whole riser to optimise the performance of the NANO TFT.





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