Archery Bow Kit Level Three Hoyt Xakt

The Hoyt Xakt kit is designed for the archer looking for a competitive edge right from the word go. It comes with quality accessories and has everything you need to start your journey into archery.

The Xakt riser is built on Hoyt's legendary Earl Hoyt geometry, this is the perfect combination of forgiveness and performance for new shooters with competitions in mind. The Soul Everly limbs are made of high quality wood / fibre glass, they perform excellently, are smooth to shoot and reliable. Also included is a full set of stabilisers (long rod, side rods and v-bar), Shibuya pressure button, Avalon Classic back pack, which has enough space to to get all your kit in. A Sight with worm drive and carbon arm, Easton aluminium arrows, finger tab, arm guard, quiver with a belt, finger sling and bow stringer. 

Getting the right bow size depends on the archers draw length. In the comments box below, either let us know your draw length or your actual height and will send the required bow length. The bow lengths available are 66", 68" or 70". 

Hoyt Xakt Riser

Soul Everly Limbs 

String ("Fast Flight" Material)

Arrow Rest

Aluminium Arrows x6

Finger Tab

Arm Guard

Carbon Sight


Quiver with Belt

Recurve bow back pack with arrow tube.

Finger Sling

Shibuya Pressure Button

Carbon Long rod & side rods and aluminium v-bar


Please leave us a note on your order as to what size bow you would like, if you are not sure please email or call us. Failing that please let us know the height and age of the person you are buying for and we will do our best to make sure the bow and arrows are the correct length.

Please note the colour of the quiver and arrows may vary, if you have a preference please leave it in the notes and we will do our best to match it for you.

On rare occasions some accessories become unavailable, so we reserve the right to change items from those pictured, we will always substitute for items of similar quality.

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We are Proud Sponsor and Official Youth Tournament Partner of Archery GB. 

We look forward to working with Archery GB to help the sport grow and flourish.