Brand New KSL Jet 6 Vanes updated With Reviews


Since the launch of the KSL Jet 6 Vanes we have had overwhelming good news about these new vanes, from people just wanting to shoot for fun to the International level everyone is saying great things about them.

Chris Pleasants

Current IFAA 3D Recurve World Field Champion

Multiple and current NFAS Recurve Field Champion

Having tried the KSL Jet6 vanes I can definitely see an improvement in arrow flight and grouping at both long and short distances. I have been using my normal set up and generally I would say that the KSL's have outperformed other vanes I've used previously. Chris Pleasants

Teresa Goodwin

Current IFAA Recurve World Field Champion

The KSL Jet 6 vanes are brilliant all in all, they fly straight and group nicely in the Field they seem to fly good.I chose well, When I saw them on Facebook I thought to give them ago.
With all new products there will be some teething problems but that will not turn me off using them.

Scott Stanbury

Just broke a 21 year standing record shooting a massive 590/600 Portsmouth recurve round.

Well for anyone wanting a few extra points here and there then try using the KSL JET6 vanes from wales Archery . Got them after visiting the shop on Saturday and am not going to look back , broke my club Portsmouth record today and truly believe these vanes gave me that bit of an edge.

KSL Jet 6 Vanes


Introducing the brand new KSL Jet 6 Vanes Designed by the legendary Korean coach Kisik Lee. Each pack contains 50 vanes

The KSL Jet6 vanes are designed with the cutting edge research in aerodynamics, this results in a vane with unparalleled drag force reduction and alleviates the archers paradox quickly. When the drag force is reduced and the arrow stabilizes quicker in the air this all results in tighter arrow groupings.

The process to adhere the vanes to your shafts has never been easier, with a brand new shrink wrap system this alleviates a few problems with the tradition tape system.

The first thing that is does is makes sure the weight is exactly the same every time as you don't have different lengths of tape.

The second thing that is does is makes the whole process of putting these on a lot neater, all you need to do is put the shrink wrap at the bottom and top of the vanes then apply some heat. What will happen then is that the shrink wrap will shrink and neatly over the vanes holding them in place.

The vanes come in four different colours, Rose Pink, Berry Purple, Apple Green and Royal blue. The vanes also come in two different sizes 1 3/4 and 2 inches available for both recurve and compound.