Beiter V-Box: A Customers Review

I have been using Beiter products for some 30 plus years. From the original Nocking point, to Nocks of all designs, the Beiter button, Clicker, Stabilisers, the Beiter rest, the Beiter Arm Guard.

One thing remains constant, along with the highly skilled engineering and design processes: 

To my knowledge, Beiter have never seen fit to produce a 'Mark 2' or 'new improved' version of any of their products. Beiter get it right first time, every time, with no need for 'improvements', and continue to do so.

The Beiter V-BOX, the latest in the range, lives up to that Beiter discipline of 'Right first time'.

The V-Box offers a damping system that can be modified to meet the needs of the individual archer, Recurve or Compound, by means of a number of 'Membranes' of differing strength and resistance, to which a number of weights can be added in different positions to produce an individual setting of the Archers' choice.

Deceptively simple to use, thanks to the well-engineered components, the Beiter V-BOX provides the Archer with an immediate result in terms of vibration control and balance feedback. The opportunity to vary weight distribution and the physical stiffness of the V-BOX has an immediate positive effect upon any damping system.

Experimenting with weight distribution and Membrane choice can be accomplished without the need to ''buy and try'' components and of course, the V-BOX is easily reset in the event of a change of bow.

In use, I found the middle Membrane the most suitable for my Recurve set up. After a little bit of experimenting and practice, I had set the weights to front and back of the membrane to give me both the feedback and damping I wanted. Total time tuning was some 55 minutes, with an end result that met my every need.

Equally, the set up for the rear rods, if you use them, was simple. I would recommend the lighter Membrane for these rods.

The set up gave me the exact feel I wanted, with limited effort and an equally short time spent with ''spanners''.

AS with most Beiter products, the V-BOX is not a cheap option. However, if you compare the cost of the most recent rubber equivalents, plus weights, you will soon realise the investment is a good one, both in terms of outlay, and perhaps, more important, value for money. The Beiter V-BOX is a system for the life of the bow, and not something waiting for ''Mark 2''


Tony Nilsen