About us

Wales Archery was established in 1964 by the late Morris Weller in Cardiff and moved to our current location of Crick Manor in 1971. We are a continuous family run business with second and third generations now involved, which gives a wealth of knowledge and understanding that comes only from experience.


Our connections with the major manufacturers allows us to sell their products with the direct support and information to enable you to obtain the best from the equipment you purchase.


The Manor House of Crick was built circa 1270 and shown in the survey to Wentwood in 1271 to be held by Sir William Dentford. In 1399, Sir John de la More was shown to hold Crick Manor, his ancestor Robert de la More having married Avise, daughter of Sir William Denford.


During the Civil War, King Charles I visited Crick Manor on Tuesday the 22nd July 1645. He was staying at Raglan and travelled to Crick with the Duke of Richmond, Earls of Lindsey and Lichfield and Lords Digby and Astley to meet with Prince Rupert who held the Westcountry for the King and had travelled across the Severn Estuary from Bristol for the meeting. The host was Nicholas Moore and after Discussing the Military situation, Prince Rupert returned to Bristol and the King to Raglan. On the 24th July 1645, the King again came to Crick with the intention of crossing the Severn Estuary to make Bristol his headquarters but changed his mind on hearing the news of the fall of Bridgwater to Fairfax and travelled to Newport instead.


This building provides an ideal setting for the display of archery equipment, which can be browsed at you leisure in a conducive atmosphere.