Ghost FlatBows: A customers review

Alex Newnes

Last weekend Pentref Bowmen (in Tonypandy, Rhondda) hosted a WA 3D round. WA3D is slowly picking up in the UK, this shoot being the 3rd of its kind held this year, with the previous 2 events counting for selection for TeamGB.
For the 3D’s we have swapped out English longbows for Ghost Bows Deluxe Flatbows and the results speak for themselves!

Pentref put on a very challenging but thoroughly enjoyable course! My favourite shots were a close but almost vertical shot from ‘Phil’s Last Stand’ into a dodo and what must have been a 20-22m shot at a wolf down into the quarry. Shooting the extreme angles is particularly challenging as they are difficult to practice and not many venues are able to put in such tough shots!

The Ghost bow performed exceptionally. Using such a smooth and stable bow combined with its speed really gives a lot of forgiveness which is particularly helpful when shooting in awkward positions, where it can be difficult to properly execute your shot.
I ended the weekend with a PB of 361, to finish with a total of 666 and 1st place. I honestly cannot put this bow down, and cannot wait to put it to the test at future World and European championships.

Beth finished with a solid 261 for day two and had this to say about her Ghost Bows Deluxe AFB: “The ghost bow is far beyond any bow I have ever before had the privilege of shooting. It’s incredibly fast and yet has next to no shock and is well balanced in the hand. I am especially enjoying the grip which on this model Ghost Bows are able to customise to fit the exact proportions of your hand making the bow a true perfect fit.”

I would definitely recommend a GhostBows flatbow to anyone looking at getting into traditional archery or anybody who wants an upgrade to very well priced bit of kit!