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Nation Indoor Results


Congratulations to everyone who shot at the National Indoors and a special congratulations to our sponsored archers.


Junior National Indoor Championships 2019 


Grace Chappell

Congratulations to Grace on becoming the Junior Ladies Under 18 Junior National Indoor Compound Champion and overall Junior female national champion whilst setting a brand new PB with her new Hoyt Invicta!


Ajay Scott

Congratulations to Ajay on 1st place Junior Gents under 18 Compound.


Chloe A'Bear

Congratulations to Chloe on 3rd place Junior Ladies under 16 Compound.


Sophia Bolton

Congratulations to Sophie on 4th place Junior Ladies under 16 Compound.


Charlie Medhurt

Congratulations to Charlie on 3rd place Junior Gents under 16 Recurve.


Alex Parker

Congratulations to Alex on 2nd place Junior Gents under 14 Compound.


Ioan Rees

Congratulations to Ioan on 3rd place Junior Gents under 14 Compound.


Ryan Faulkner

Congratulations to Ryan on 1st place Junior Gents under 12 Compound.


Alfie Ridding

Congratulations to Alfie on 2nd place Junior Gents under 12 Compound.


Senior National Indoor Championships 2019


Ella Gibson

Congratulations to Ella on becoming the Senior Ladies National Indoor Compound Champion  with her new Hoyt Invicta!



Thomas Susca

Congratulations to Thomas  on 5th place Senior Gents recurve as a Junior and also getting to the final elimination round in the back to back.


Sheila Hudson 

Congratulations to Sheila  on 1st place Senior Ladies Longbow.


Kevin Macey

Congratulations to Kevin  on 3rd place Senior Gents Longbow.


Senior Home Nations Recurve Team

Congratulations to Ryan Pinder, Anthony Lessimore, Collette Webster and Rhian Coastall  on the Bronze medal for the recurve home nations team.


Junior Home Nations Recurve Team

Congrations to Ben Weston, Ioan Rees, Molly Lessimore and Megan Costall on the silver medal for the Junior Home Nations team.