Alex Rowe - 

I started archery in 2009 when I was 10 years old, it all began when I went on a school camp when I was in primary school at Delaware Outdoor Education Centre on the Cornwall Devon border. Nearing the end of the camp, all the students had a go doing freestyle archery and then we had a mini competition, which I won. Coming home, I told my mum and dad that I wanted to do archery again, we then found Mounts Bay Archery Club and the rest is history.


Many of the people in the club were so welcoming, and I stayed with them until I went to university in 2017. Along with this, one member, Sean Ellis, became a high-level coach in the club and he helped me develop my technique to the point where I was shooting junior bowmen scores consistently and developing my confidence to shoot in competitions.


I started shooting competitively in 2012, and in that year, I won my first gold medal in the DCAS Championships, was selected to shoot for DCAS team in the GWAS Junior Intercounties and won my first national medal coming 2nd in the U14 Boys Recurve at the Junior National Indoor Championships. In 2013, I was selected to be part of the National Development Squad but sadly had to turn it down to due to my education and travel requirements (Cornwall to Lilleshall, long way away). In 2015, I won my first national gold medal at the Junior National Indoor Championships in the U18 Boys recurve. In 2017, turning senior and joining university opened so many more competitions, I took podium place in SWWU (South Wales and West Archery League) competitions. In 2019, I won my first BUCS (British University and College Sports, student nationals) at the Indoor BUCS Finals, and won bronze in BUTC (British University Team Championships). In 2020, before the pandemic, I won another Indoor BUCS Finals medal. In 2021, I did the full length of Dunster Week and won the regional title and became ranked 23rd in the country for male recurve.


Currently, I am the Treasurer of the University of Plymouth Archery Club and the regional organizer for SWWU. My plans for 2022 include doing at least 3 stages of the AGB National Tour, UK Masters, my final BUCS competitions and trying to achieve Master Bowman.


I shoot with a WiaWis TFT riser, NS Foam limbs, S21 Stabilizers, Shibuya Ultima II Sight and arrow rest, Beiter button, Axcel Counter Tab and ACE’s.


Instagram: @alex_rowe_archery