Ava and Amber Snell -

Ava and Amber Snell are 10-year-old identical twins from the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire. They were introduced to Barebow Archery in 2019 at school during taster session provided by the Newnham archery club, which they promptly joined.  


Following the induction training the girls continued to show early promise, and despite the challenges of the pandemic they were invited to join the Gloucestershire County development squad at Deer Park in the spring of 2021. By the summer, Ava and Amber started competing at tournament level, winning medals, and setting both UK and county records within the Barebow under 12 years category. 


Following a kind invitation, the girls excitedly embarked on private professional coaching with Patrick Huston OLY, with a view to a transition to Recurve later this year.  


Their dream to one day compete at Olympic level is now one step closer!