Craig Paterson -


I have been shooting for 8 years after we had a family day out at a come and try event which has led to everyone in the family shooting.

Initially I started as Recurve and after a couple of years I moved to Barebow shooting an American Flatbow for several years that was where my passion for the sport really grew.  I enjoyed trying a variety of flatbows and even ventured into the wizardry of Longbow at the same time finding both styles relaxing and fun to shoot.


As my daughter got older and began to shoot competitively, I decided to give competitions a go.  It was at that point to be competitive I moved to riser and limb Barebow set up which helped to increase the poundage. My proudest shooting moment was representing Scotland at the British Target Championships in 2023 and being Team Mangers for the Country Championships in 2023. I have been involved with the Scottish U21’s for several years now with the last two as Team Manager, working with this team of young archers has been the biggest privilege of my archery journey.

Having suffering from a disability for many years, unfortunately my condition decided to go rapidly downhill about two weeks before the National Indoor Championships 2023 where I was happy to just to finish the round.  After trying push through I decided at the West of Scotland Championships 2024 that I would move to a seated position to be able continue to shoot Barebow.


I have been working hard over the past months to adapt and it has been very challenging physically and mentally, but it is slowly coming together. As an experiment I am currently trying Compound to compare which type of bow I prefer to shoot from a stool. Secretly, I must admit to really liking compound, something I never thought I would say.


Great to be involved a sport that is so inclusive.