Graham Peters -

I first picked up a bow at a have a go session in North Yorkshire whilst on a family holiday.  Both me and my daughter fell in love with the sport pretty much instantly with Molly having a real aptitude for it.  We booked on to a beginners course at Deer Park Archers when we got back home and that, as they say, was that.


 I realised early on that longbow was where my heart lay, and bought my first bow, a 46lb Gary Evans Artisan from Wales Archery shortly after completing my beginners course and now have 4 more Gary Evans bows ranging from 31lb to 55lb.  I really enjoy competing and have been proud to shoot for Gloucestershire since 2017.   I love challenging myself to be the best I can be on the day and enjoy the camaraderie, banter and support I get from others on the shooting line.


In 2017 I qualified as a L1 coach and then in 2019 as L2 (WA and AGB).  I really enjoy coaching  and seeing the archers I coach develop and grow (as they say, those that can do, those that can’t teach!).   I’ve been fortunate to help people work towards and in some cases exceed their goals, and through their hard work go on to improve their classification, or make the County team, and some go on to win national championships.