Jack Wells - 


I started shooting in the summer of 2015, having just finished sixth form, and needing something to occupy my spare time. I joined a local club (Harworth Archers), finished their beginner’s course, and immediately bought my first recurve kit!


I moved to Sheffield for my undergraduate degree and got stuck in with the University of Sheffield Archery Club, a club which is still my home to this date. I held committee positions for 8 years, being the club’s Competition’s Officer for the entire duration and Captain on two occasions. Up until the Covid pandemic of 2020, I gradually got better at shooting indoors, and participated in competition, but mostly shot for fun. I signed a contract with Podium Bowstrings just before lockdown and have been a pro shooter for them to this day.


Post pandemic I continued at Sheffield pursuing a PhD and had a very successful indoor season considering the long break. I began shooting outdoors in 2022 for the first time since 2015 as I joined the Aardwolf Archers (a local Sheffield club). I decided to fully steer into the sport by upgrading my equipment and aimed to get even better, and to compete more frequently.


2022/23 found me having an incredibly successful indoor season, and I participated in the National Tour Events and many others once summer 2023 arrived. By then, I became more acquainted with and expanded my network of archers, including a number on the GB squad. I also became a member of the Chantry Bowmen of Rotherham at this time.


As the indoor season of 2023/24 arrived, I signed pro staff contracts with Truball/Axcel and Shrewd and was also welcomed into the Wales Archery Specialists family with open arms, an opportunity I am most grateful for! The indoor season of 2023/24 has been my most successful to date, obtaining podium placements and medals in all of the major university competitions (NEUAL and BUCS), in addition to the Yorkshire County Champs and numerous other external competitions. I claimed two Yorkshire County Records and my Indoor Master Bowman Classification this season too!


The rest of the coming year I have my eyes on putting in decent performances for National Tour and other competitions and have aspirations to shoot for the Yorkshire County Team and maybe some day find a spot on the GB Squad!


When I’m not shooting, you’ll find me at a bouldering wall, in the cinema or at the pub, doing anything other than the PhD I need to actually finish this year!


Instagram: @jackwellsarchery