Karen Williams - 

Archery started for me as a family social activity in 2007 and over the years has become my main focus for exercise, ambition and motivation. 


I shot Recurve and Longbow in my first few years; taking part in a wide variety of target, field and traditional shooting events. When I started taking competitive shooting more seriously, I settled on refining my technique with the Recurve bow.


I have always loved the olympic recurve bow since I borrowed my first coach’s Hoyt Gold Medalist after my beginners course. I shoot a ‘hybrid’ recurve now - Hoyt Exceed riser with Win and Win Wiawis NS Wood Flax limbs. It works well for me!


I achieved a goal to shoot for Devon and Cornwall 2013. Despite a setback in 2014 with a broken elbow, I was back in the team in 2015 and I have been shooting for the County Team every year since then. In 2019 I achieved my first Master Bowman classification.


In 2021 I was at a peak of achievement at 18 in the National Rankings when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I went through surgery and radiotherapy treatments in 2022. I had an incredible amount of support from everyone I know in the archery community. My coach, Tony Neilson and the physiotherapists at Force Cancer Charity helped me find the right physical and mental exercises to do during my treatment and recovery to return stronger. All my archery friends on the line and at Wales Archery Specialists helped keep my spirits up with messages of support and encouragement.


So now here we are in 2023, the outdoor season is nearly over. In the last few months I have achieved my first GMB, won the GWAS Championship at Dunster and reached my highest placement at the British Target Championships 14th.


I’m looking forward to using the indoor season to get stuck into training towards my goals for 2024. 


I’m working towards 50+ Elite Master Bowman, 650 for the WA 70m round and my main goal, to keep improving, learning and enjoying our wonderful sport.