Kieran Macey - 


I started my archery journey in 2017 and spent the first 5 years of my archery journey shooting recurve. With some success, and some disappointment mixed in together. I was able to get my Bowman Classification at the end of 2021, after having to go up and down the country trying to find some all-day shoots, but I was able to get there. Within my first year of archery, I became a coach, and loved being able to help people to improve their shooting.


At the end of the 2022 outdoor season, I hurt my left shoulder, and was unable to shoot my recurve at the poundage I would need, to be able to hit the longer distances outdoors. So, after borrowing a left-handed compound from one of the coaches at the club, and after a little bit of time I was able to get it up to a poundage similar to my recurve and my shoulder was easily able to handle it.


After getting more and more use to the bow I was borrowing. I finally got my first compound bow at the start of 2023, and in the same weekend I was able to win my second competition on a compound and the first competition with the new bow which was the GWAS indoor regionals. My first-year compound, I was able to learn a lot and was able to improve massively, in a short space of time. It was an incredible outdoor season being able to get my Master Bowman classification, and I was able to get a single Grand Master score at the end of the outdoor year.


I am part of the Gloucestershire county team, for a number of years now. I would love to be selected to shoot for England at some point in the future. I really want to get a Grand Master classification and get close or start hitting elites score at some point also in the future.