Rob Twigg - 

I was quite late coming to archery, starting at the age of 39. However, from the moment I picked up a bow, and shot my first arrow, I knew this was the sport for me. 


I spent every spare moment shooting. Every night after work and 12 hour sessions every Saturday and Sunday were common place. 


After a couple of months I had the chance to shoot a friend's longbow and something just clicked. Within a few days I made my first trip to Wales Archery and purchased a Gary Evans Marquis. Wow, what a bow!! 


At the end of my first year, I started entering some local competitions and actually won a couple. It was at this point, at a local competition, I met my wife, Sophie.


The following year, my first full year of competitions, I won several local competitions and started entering some regional and national tournaments. The previous year I had just scraped through as a Master Bowman so took a chance and entered the UK Masters and went on to win... This first year I also achieved my first Grand Master Bowman award, something i have retained every year since.


Over the past 8 years there have been many ups and downs. Some great moments and some I would rather forget.


Last year though (2021) was REALLY special  I ranked no.1 in the country, I won every competition I entered, and held almost every national title except 3D Field and indoors.


This season I hope to retain my Grand Master Bowman classification, and then later in the year I am toying with the idea of changing bowstyle and shooting a barebow. Watch this space...