Scott Williams - 

My earliest memories are being shown by local school kids how to make arrows and a bow about 4” long with a cotton string on a small island in the South Pacific. I was at Primary School and we used to hunt wasps. A few years and I had a wooden bow larger than me and arrows for hunting fish or knocking birds out of the jungle - to stun and pluck a feather from. We collected them like trading cards - wonderful plumage from different birds.


Back in Devon - I brought the bow with me but it broke eventually. I took up the crossbow, in those days they were unregulated much to my father’s annoyance. If you a paper in the 80s, or watched Nationwide (a national forerunner of The One Show) I was that notorious 12 year old on the front page who shot crossbow bolts at distance through Yellow Pages (big thick books of phone numbers). I was impressed with myself, adults much less so. The selling of crossbows to kids was stopped and I gave up archery.


I didn’t come back to archery until my daughter was around 12 herself, after a have ago, she loved it and so it became our ‘dad and daughter’ thing. We sailed through the beginner’s course - she went to recurve, and I went for a Grozer Scythian bow - learning thumb ring through joining the SPTA (Society for the Promotion of Traditional Archery) competing at Roving Marks, Field, Flight, Popinjay, Surs, and horse(less)back archery. Eventually I heard about Dunster (a large South West meet) and its Longbow Day and sold my Scythian to buy a longbow. For a few years I was untouchable indoors and outdoors locally, until a shoulder injury clipped my wings. Since, then I’ve had my moments, but I’m mainly shooting these days to put the word ‘company’ in company of archers.


I’d like to thank Wales Archery for sponsoring me since 2018.