Stef Probert - 

Hi I'm Stef Probert. I'm a Para Classified Archer from Cumbria. I started shooting on the Para Performance programme after the Rio Paralympics as I was struggling to walk after breaking my back in a fall on top 2 previous spinal cord injuries. Initially, I started shooting target but was persuaded to try clout. I won my first competition and then the year after won the National Clout Championships. Since then, I've been in the top 3, even after coming back from 2 further spinal cord injuries.


I started shooting flight archery after having a go at a flight comp in Cumbria. Since then, I have got my coach Mike Willrich helping me and I managed to break a World Record in 2023 in the 45lb target compound class. The arrow also passed the 60lb target compound World Record, so my focus this year is to break that record.

I shoot both target and clout for the Cumbria team on the compound and have recently taken up the Longbow and I'm enjoying target competitions on it, but I have a lot to learn!