Axcel V-Bar TriLock Adjustable Mount

This mount can be attached to the stabiliser mount on the front of a bow riser, to the lower rear stabiliser mount screw hole of a compound bow riser, or to V-bar extenders. The patent pending TriLock™ technology features three raised boss taper surfaces on the male connector resulting in superior contact between mated parts for a stronger connection. Like a three-legged stool on a cobblestone street, the TriLock™ taper design ensures superior contact where you need strength and stability most! An added Second Lock is provided by Axcel's Patent Pending AnchorGrip™ which adds biting teeth to give additional security that your bars will stay put and not loosen up. Integrated CenterLock™ quick disconnects allow you to add and remove your v-bars quickly for transport and easy storage. Laser engraved indicator lines give precise micro-adjustments.

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