Beiter Winder Profi X-Heavy

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The Beiter Winder Peofi X-Heavy has 15mm stainless steel knobs on the spindle, instead of the standard 9mm ones.

This small but significant change generates higher centrifugal forces while working and so it allows a tighter serving!

The weight difference between the Standard Spindle (50g) and the Profi Heavy Spindle (80g) is 30g, which is 60% heavier.

The Beiter Winder Profi is used by many professional string makers, and the Winder Profi X-Heavy has been designed to meet the highest requirements for a serving tool.

Thanks to the added weight on the spindle, the centrifugal force while spinning is much higher than with the other Winder models.

This allows - paired with the usual Beiter Winder features - an extremely tight serving.