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The Reckoning Gen2 36 was engineered to dominate the podium no matter the shooting style. This gold-winning machine is driven by the DeadLock Cam System featuring the revolutionary TimeLock. Developed with a 39" axle-to-axle, it provides maximum stability for shot-to-shot consistency when winning comes down to a fraction of an inch. Designed in conjunction with top professional archers every step of the way, the Reckoning 36 Gen2 is the surest way to the top step of the podium.


Not only the quickest and simplest way to achieve perfect arrow flight, but the surest way to maintain it. Just move the cams left or right on the axles with a turn of a screw to position all the energy directly behind the arrow. Then lock it down for permanent, repeatable accuracy…all with a smooth-as-silk draw and outstanding speed.


The FlipDisc Pro offers the ability to set the bow's let-off in minutes. Flip the module to pick from 2 distinct let-off ranges and adjust to the archer's preference.


Dual Lock limb pockets lock every component in the entire bow structure as one for the most rigid, accuracy-producing platform possible. The limbs lock into the pockets, and the pockets into the riser. This results in unwavering shot to shot consistency.


The fully customizable GripLock provides the ability to fine-tune grip angle with a simple Allen wrench. No need for multiple grips to get the perfect fit. With a simple turn of a screw, go from low to high wrist, or anywhere in between.


The FLX Guard is strategically designed to reduce tension on the cables and move to the side on the draw to reduce torque. On the shot, the FLX Guard moves the cables back to the natural position as the arrow leaves the bow. This promotes increased forgiveness and downrange accuracy.


The strategically positioned Orbit Dampeners are inset in-line with the travel of the string further reducing unwanted vibration and noise on the shot.


The 2-sided draw stop provides the ability to adjust the feel of the back wall, the choice is yours. Choose from a rock-solid stop, a lot of give, or anywhere in between, with a simple easy to make adjustment.


TimeLock's unique no-bow press design allows for quick and easy cam positioning adjustment with a simple Allen wrench. Just loosen the locking screw, make the adjustment, then lock it back down for confidence it won't move.

- Axle to Axle: 36"

- Bow weight: 4.6lbs

- Draw length: 25.5-39.5"

- Draw weight: 50, 60lbs

- Brace height: 6.75"

- IBO speed: 322fps

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