Easton RX7 Shaft

RX-7 Precision Rear-tapered Arrow Shaft for Recurve Indoor Target Archery

The rear tapered design of the RX7 creates the most forgiving aluminum arrow for a recurve archer. It allows

archers to use a lighter point weight to achieve the proper tune, creating a faster release and better arrow flight.

Jack Williams, USA Archery Team


Price per shaft.


Key Features:

 World Archery 23 max O.D. compliant

 Available in 23, 22, and 21 diameters

 Dynamically similar to one full diameter weaker

 Rear micro-taper enhances finger release forgiveness

 Thicker front wall provides greater durability in tough target materials

 Rear taper allows use of more forgiving, lighter point weights

 Use bigger shaft diameters with lighter bow weights

 Used by Brady Ellison to match his indoor world record score

 7178 aluminum alloy precision, most accurate shaft technology available today


Description Spine Stock Length Total Weight @ Length/Gr. GPI Grains/In Point Compatability
RX23 Shaft 420 33.75 351 10.4 2315
RX22 Shaft 475 33.50 327 9.7 2214
RX21 Shaft 525 32.50 303 9.3 2114

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