Hamskea Launcher Blade G-Flex

Made of durable composite material, the G-Flex launcher is a lighter weight option that won’t rust or hold bends like spring-steel launchers.  No matter the weather, you can be confident that your launcher will be consistent even after a season’s worth of abuse.  Featuring our patent-pending Gradient Flex Technology, the launcher has added strength where needed while still offering ultimate forgiveness at the shot.  The thicker base eliminates the need for a backer plate when being used on a limb driven rest.  From the thick rigid base, the launcher tapers down to a thinner profile at the arrow riding surface that is able to flex with the arrow during the shot.  With the launcher being able to flex with the arrow during the shot, it is able to absorb the added pressure preventing the arrow from pushing itself away from the launcher causing inconsistencies.

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