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KG Osprey


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The KG Osprey bow continuing the KG Dynasty, this is the latest bow from the KG Bowyers and appropriately named with the graceful flowing limbs as the wings of a bird of prey. T

his is a unique and tastefully designed bow which unwinds so smoothly to full draw and yet produces an incredible amount of energy which when transferred into the arrow generates incredible arrow speed and flat trajectory giving tremendous pleasure with every shot.

A composite constructed bow using clear glass to enhance the colour and texture of the wooden laminations within the limbs.

Please note the bows that are kept in stock do not have the leather grip. If you wish to have the Osprey with a leather grip this is a special order item with an additional cost. 

Bow draw weights from 28lbs to 60lbs.

Bows are with Clear Glass or Black Glass.

Collections: Field Bows, Trad collection

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