Oak Ridge Shade Riser Kobicha

The Oak Ridge shade riser is a beautifully crafted wooden riser with an ILF fitting (International Limb Fit), the riser weighs in at 850 grams giving it an amazing feeling in the hand with a little bit of weight behind it makes it that much more stable.

  • 19" Riser

  • available in Right or left handed

  • Comes with arrow shelf

  • ILF (International Limb Fit)

  • Weight 850 grams

How it feels to shoot (Staff member: Adam)

I have to say I was looking forward to seeing this riser in the flesh as the pictures looked fantastic and i was not disappointed, the riser has a good amount of weight to it making it feel fantastic after the shot with very little vibration. I put this together with the Oak Ridge Shade limbs 35lb that makes a 60" bow, i am currently shooting a Hoyt Satori 64" 35lb so due to this riser being smaller I expected it to not feel as sweet on the draw but to my surprise it felt very nice. Overall I think this is fantastic value for money and an ideal riser for field archery.

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