Pilla Panther X7A Lens

Lens to fit the Pilla Panther X6A shooting glasses.

These come with no nose piece.

10ED - Enhanced definition full sun.  10% Transmittance.  Rich colour reproduction.  Designed to relax the eye in bright light conditions.

26ED - Enhanced definition bright sun - collecting clouds or white sky. 26% Transmittance.  26ED is a high light lens that utilizes a similar technical filtration curve as the 10ED and 44ED.  Pilla's enhanced definition series provides elevated levels of the colour spectrum to create increase definition and maximize depth of field.  For the archer this is a great tool to relax the eye in the proper lighting condition while providing crisp focus.

44ED - Enhanced definition medium light overcast with yellow light.  44% Transmittance.  The 44ED is the latest installment in Pilla's popular Enhanced Definition lens family.  The enhanced definition lenses provide a vibrant enhancement to the entire colour spectrum.  Pilla call these a true representation of the visual spectrum but elevate colour to provide extreme definition.  This new medium lighting condition lens is a perfectly balanced colour enhancement tool with crisp definition and perfect depth of field.

45MAX - 3D Lens - Max Chroma Boost - Boost light in the woods.  Medium lighting conditions.  45% Transmittance.  The perceptive illumination of light with this lens technology is super.  The lens relaxes the eye but has the ability to provide the archer with an extremely bright sight picture even when in the woods.  The lens delivers rich depth of field to gauge distances.

60HCP - 3D Lens - High contrast.  Medium to Low Light - grey or white light.  60% Transmittance.  The 60 Persimmon lens for 3D archery is a high transmittance lends for medium to diminishing lighting conditions.  This lens has a tremendous lift in lighting up targets in shaded areas.

76HC - High Contrast - Low light - fog/haze.  76% Transmittance.  The 76HC is a "must have" lens for any archer competing or practicing in low light.  This is a high contrast lens that Pilla and Zeiss have engineered to light up the sight picture without loosing definition or depth of field in low light.  This lens is fantastic in a fog or deep in the woods.

 94HC - High Contrast Indoors.  94% Transmittance.  The 94HC is a high transmittance lens that is perfect for indoor archery.  The lens provides very sharp registration of the visual sight picture indoors.  This lens has special coatings to minimize the visual distraction of fluorescent lights.

35DC - Dead Centre - Full sun to medium light.  35% Transmittance.  Chroma Shift Technology.  Designed to kill the red target element and enhance the gold centre of the target.  Calms the eye and allows the eye to relax and focus on the dead centre of the target with no visual distraction.  A "must have" for the FITA target shooter.


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