PSE Uprising Compound Package

The PSE UPRISING™ is an affordable, highly adjustable compound bow. Set your draw length from 14” to 30” and draw weight from 15 to 70 lbs. The UPRISING™ delivers 310 fps at a great price. Package Includes: 3 Pin Sight, Arrow Rest, 5-Arrow Quiver and a 6″ Stabilizer. - Axle to axle: 30"

- Brace height: 6 5/8"

- Bow weight: 3.2lbs

- Draw length: 14-30"

- Draw weight: 50lbs

- IBO speed: 310-302fps

- Let-off: 70%

Official Archery GB Partner

We are Proud Sponsor and Official Youth Tournament Partner of Archery GB. 

We look forward to working with Archery GB to help the sport grow and flourish.