Sanlida Dragon X8 Compound Package

Introducing the all new Sanlida Dragon X8 compound bow. Perfect for the beginner shooter moving through their career and onto the intermediate stage. With its masive draw weight and length ranges this bow can stick with you for as long as you need!

The short axle-to-axle (30'') makes this a fast and light bow to carry through the woods, making for a superb field bow. Add in the benefit of a Ready-to-shoot package and this creates a bow to go right out of the box!

Right Handed Only.

Equipment Package:


   3 Prong Hostage arrow rest

   5 Pin Sight

   6'' Stabiliser

   Peep Sight


   Bow Sling




Brace Height:6.6"
Draw Weight:0~70 LBS
Draw Length:8"~31",(Each 0.5"adjustment)
IBO Speed:310FPS
Net Weight:3.8 LBS

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