Shibuya Apex Finger Tab

Flat Design

The SHIBUYA APEX Tab features a completely flat plate design by recessing the finger spacer and anchor pad screws into the plate. By allowing the thumb to tuck in beneath the anchor tab, this design enables the archer to achieve a connected anchoring surface with index finger, anchor pad, and thumb. Anchoring has never felt more natural!

TiltLok Finger Spacer

APEX features a redesigned Finger Spacer that allows for deeper hooking and offers a slimmer profile. The construction of the Finger Spacer prevents it from tilting, eliminating inconsistency resulting from the angle shifting during use. 

Internal Mount Anchor Pad

The SHIBUYA APEX Tab’s Anchor Pad is anchored in between the plate and leather. The archer is able to achieve a consistent anchoring surface to the fingers. The anchor pad naturally moves out of the way, enabling smoother anchoring than ever. The tab plate is covered by the anchor pad, eliminating the need to alter it in order to not protrude from the anchor pad.

Premium Customized Cordovan Leather

The Cordovan leather face used for the SHIBUYA APEX tab is supple, smooth, and has consistent thickness unrivalled on the market. Shibuya worked closely with their supplier every step of the way and had the tanning process customized to produce the highest quality leather on the market. 

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Official Archery GB Partner

We are Proud Sponsor and Official Youth Tournament Partner of Archery GB. 

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