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W&W Inno Ex Power Limbs


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The carbon outer structure of INNO EX POWER limbs is created with N-composite carbon nano technology.

This is an adjustment at the molecular level that significantly strengthens and enhances the stability of the carbon matrix.

Inside the limb, the nanofoam core connects the high-modulus carbon at strategic points.

It provides durability, makes the limbs smooth to shoot and enhances their overall feel.

WIN&WIN is leading the way in recurve limb technology: superior speed, stability and shooting feeling make INNO EX POWER the best carbon limb available.

Formula and ILF Information

The below image is one pair of Formula Limbs and the other is a Grand Prix or more commonly known as an ILF (International Limb Fit) The Formula limbs will only fit a formula riser and the Grand Prix/ILF will only fit a Grand Prix/ILF Riser.

If you are not sure on what limb fit you require here are the main differences between the fitting visually. The formula limb has a much longer distance from were the limb bushing slots into the limb bolt, the Grand Prix/ILF distance is much shorter as can be seen below.

Please note that the below image is for information purposes only and is not the product being purchased.

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