XS Wings 40mm

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40mm vanes are suitable for barebow and recurve archers. They can be used either for recreation or for competing. When used for competing, the arrow will behave best with draw weight under 45lbs. 40mm vanes are well known for their wind resistancy.

Inside the package: 50 Xs Wings vanes | 4 spare vanes | 2 double sided tapes | 2 lining tapes


XS-Wings are high performance vanes, made by Benjamin Sitar, owner of Xs-Wings and his father Vlado Sitar former world-class archer with 30 years of experience.  


Unlike other spin vanes on the market these have been developed to both perform and LAST - being made of a much tougher material than others.  A positive effect of this; they are also easier to fit - of great help to those who hate fletchings spin wings!

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