Freddie Archery Traditional Bows


Introducing the brand new traditional range from Freddie Archery, we now have in stock all of these bows ranging from a one piece recurve field bow to a flatbow to a takedown. Below are some details on the various different bow styles.


Little Hawk

The Little Hawk bow is a fantastic stylish starting bow for a young junior. The bow length is 28" long and the draw weight is only 10lb an ideal weight for young children looking to start archery.




The Edge One Piece Bow

The edge one piece recurve bow is a fantastic bow for any field archer, it is 60" in length ideal for navigating rough terrain and extremely light weight. The bow comes in 5lb increments it has a fantastic finish, the grip fits perfectly in my hand and it is currently the bow I am shooting the most.


The Spark

The Spark recurve riser is designed with traditional shooting in mind, the riser length lends itself to field shooting very well with it making a 62" bow.

This is a gorgeous looking riser made from some of the best looking woods.


The Blade and Edge Flatbows

The Blade and Edge Flatbows are both 68" in length giving a smooth draw, they both sport an ergonomic grip that is easy to replicate your hand position every single time. As you can see below the two bows are very similar in style but the finish is were they separate, the edge is made with Dymond wood, White Oak and Hard Maple whereas the Blade is made with Walnut, Ash, Oak and Hard Maple.