Christmas Gift Ideas

With Christmas right around the corner here are some ideas we have thought would make ideal Christmas presents.

Custom Strings

Bowstrings are like car tires: They must be replaced after a certain amount of use. Most people replace their strings every year, so your favourite archer could likely use a new set.

To buy bowstrings you must know their exact length. Compound bows usually list the proper length on the bow, or you can just tell your archery pro the bow’s make and model. For recurves and longbows, measure the bowstring or bring it to the shop. You can also order bowstrings in any color combination for a unique look.


Clothes are the perfect gift for Christmas, why not snuggle up and keep warm with our large range of clothing. 

Sights, Releases, Arrow rests

Archery never lacks the latest and greatest accessory to improve accuracy and the archer’s experience. However, it might take some tactful prodding to find out what cool accessory your archer desires. Once you know, head to our store  and we  can handle the rest.


Quivers hold arrows and shooting gear. They’re an important piece of gear that comes in many colours and styles to match each archer’s taste. To help choose a quiver for your favorite archer, note their favorite colour or their bow’s color scheme. You can also match the quiver to their style. For example, a traditionalist might enjoy a leather back quiver.

Target Bosses

A backyard range is fun and convenient. If your archer has a large backyard, a foam target makes an excellent gift to help them build a home range.

Bow Stands

A bow stand makes a great gift for archers who leave their bow in the grass while retrieving arrows. A bow stand holds the bow upright and off the ground during practice and for storage.

Binoculars, Rangefinder, Spotting Scopes

Optics are a high-end gift every archer appreciates. A laser rangefinder is especially useful for 3-D archers who must judge the distance to their target. Binoculars and spotting scopes, meanwhile, help archers spot their arrows in the target. Talk to the shop’s staff about the archer in your life.

Gift Card

Can’t decide what to get? A gift card to your archer’s favorite archery store lets them pick out exactly what they need.